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Enterovirus Prevention Info

We recommend parents read the superintendent's letter concerning preventative steps that should be taken to reduce the risk of spreading or contracting many communicable viruses/germs. In the news, the Enterovirus has become a concern across the country. Although our community has not seen a case of this virus, knowing the steps that can prevent it are very useful for our students, their parents, and others they may meet.

Here is the link: Enterovirus Prevention.

2014-15 Teachers of the Year!

TOY 2014-15

Teachers of the Year for the 2014-15 school year, in the picture above, left to right, are:

  • Rachel Caulder, from Latta High.
  • Pamela Watson, from Latta Elementary.
  • Laura Cooke, from Latta Middle.
Laura Cooke is also the District Teacher of the Year.